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Road Board OKs access permit

IRON RIVER—A permit allowing access north of the Paint River bridge was approved by the Road Commission at its regular meeting on Dec. 10.
    The request, from the Keweenaw Land Association, is for permission to cross the Paint River property pit north of the bridge along Bates-Amasa Road. That allows the company to access property behind the Road Commission’s parcel via logging roads.
    “Not any decking,” said Superintendent Doug Tomasoski, “not any storage. Just getting into property behind ours.” There will be a small fee involved.
    Tomasoski said the Road Commission has gotten along well with Keweenaw Land in the past. His main concerns are signage, liability and proof of insurance.
    Attorney Mark Tousignant wondered aloud what the U.S. Forest Service is charging for similar permits. “Something you may want to keep in mind for the future.”
    ● Jon Wierda of Hagerman Lake talked to the commission about repaving a portion of West Hagerman Lake Road. Earlier, he had written Tomasoski about the matter and thanked him for his “thoughtful, professional response” to a letter.
    The biggest problem, Wierda said, is a one-mile stretch of the road west of the park, which has many potholes and a deteriorated shoulder. “It really puts people at a disadvantage when there’s traffic coming.”
    In that area, he said, there are 13 full-time residents under the age of 14—25 in summer. “They’re on bikes, and they’re [navigating] the potholes. And they’re kids—they don’t look behind them all the time.” The big concern, he said, is that something bad will happen.

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