Road Board drops oversight charge

IRON RIVER—Iron County’s townships will be getting a price break this summer on local road projects from the Iron County Road Commission dropping its oversight fee on a trial basis. The decision was made by the commission during its April 9 regular meeting.
    As one-year experiment, the Road Commission agreed unanimously to do away with the oversight fees it charges townships for having Road Commission officials on the scene of township projects, inspecting and making sure contractors do the work properly.
    “This was added years ago,” Commissioner Ernest Schmidt said, “when the Road Commission was strapped (financially).” Originally, he said, it was a 9 percent fee. Today, depending on the size of the project, the fee ranges from 3 percent to 7percent.
    Schmidt said he wanted to give townships “a little more bang for the buck on roads.”
    “If we could eliminate it or cut the price,” he said. “I would like to see it eliminated without eliminating the service.”
    Superintendent Doug Tomasoski said the fee is justifiable. While townships pay 100 percent of local project costs, the Road Commission is not required to build hard surfaces or do heavy maintenance work. But without townships taking on road projects, he quickly added, many county residents would not have paved roads.

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