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Proposed Iron County budget approved, 3-2

CRYSTAL FALLS — The Iron County Board of Commissioners passed the proposed the 2020 All Fund Budget during a special meeting on the morning of Dec. 19. With 25 people in attendance, the board passed the budget by a 3-2 vote with commissioners Tim Aho, Sharon Leonoff and Ray Coates approving the budget as is. Mike Stafford and Patti Peretto voted against.
    The meeting marked a significant waypoint for the budget process, which for last few months has dominated Iron County government meetings. The discussion of this year’s budget has been contentious, and for a time had been heavily impacted by a statewide fight between Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and the State Assembly over widely reported line-item-veto/reapportionment, starting in October.
    Recent developments have directed the state budget issue into a new phase, but debate over the particulars of the county budget have remained energetic as the state situation has evolved. Concerns over budget balancing, general fund load, and pension pay versus discretionary spending have led to many discussions on the matter throughout the county.
    The particulars of the budget as presented lightly funded discretionary spending for many areas that have been of concern to some county residents following the process, namely the long-standing concerns of the Iron County Economic Chamber Alliance at $10,000 and $15,000 for MSU/4H.
    In addition, WUPPDR was funded to the tune of $2,500. Some sections, such as the Northwoods Animal Shelter, did receive funding at their traditional levels,

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