Powell emphasizes court experience, ‘fairness’

IRON RIVER—Donald. S. Powell is a candidate for Iron County Probate Court Judge, the position being vacated by the retiring C. Joseph Schwedler. Powell is running against Roy Polich in the Nov. 6 election.
    Last week, Powell sat down for an interview with the Reporter. The candidates were given the same basic set of questions beforehand, but other questions were asked during the course of the interview. Powell’s comments, which have been edited for space but not for substance, are presented in this question-and-answer format.
    Q: Please give a brief summary of your qualifications, experience and areas of expertise that make you the best candidate for Iron County Probate Court Judge.
    A: I have been practicing law for over 32 years. I am licensed to practice in Michigan and Wisconsin. I am licensed to practice in Federal Court in the Western District of Texas, the Western District of Wisconsin and the Western District of Michigan. I am also licensed to practice law in the State Court of Appeals and Supreme Court. I am a former member of the American Trial Lawyers Association and the Texas Trial Lawyers Association. I was president of the Iron County Bar Association for over 10 years. I am a member of the Probate Section of the State Bar of Michigan.
    Like most small-town attorneys, I am a general practitioner representing clients in every field other than bankruptcy and tax law. It’s my philosophy as a lawyer that my job is to solve problems and that is exactly what a judge has to do. And you have to do it in a way that’s fair to everyone and meets their needs or that solution to the problem will not last. And after doing that for 32 years, I think that I’m prepared because I have seen it all and tried it all.
    Q: Why are you running for Iron County Probate Court Judge?
    A: I love the law…. And I moved (back) here from Texas because I wanted to serve the people who live in this county. And I think I’ve moved beyond being able to serve individual clients that come in to wanting to serve the county as a whole.
    Q: How are you able to help people as an attorney?


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