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Pair of men sentenced on meth-related charges

CRYSTAL FALLS—While sentencing an Iron River man to prison for delivery of methamphetamine on Sept. 30, Iron County Judge Donald S. Powell spoke in vivid terms about one aspect of the local drug problem.
    “Meth addiction is raging through this county,” Powell said to defendant Allen Paul Tappa III, 25. “And you are helping to supply that addiction and I cannot let that pass”
    Moments later, Powell sentenced Tappa to 24 months to 20 years in prison on one count of delivery of methamphetamine stemming from an incident in Sept. 2018. Tappa had faced other charges, including delivery of suboxone, possession of dangerous weapons (metallic knuckles) and operating a motor vehicle without a valid license from incidents in March 2019.
    Those charges were dismissed in exchange for a guilty plea on the delivery of meth charge, in which Tappa delivered the drug to a confidential informant.
    Defense attorney Abbey Anderson argued for a sentence of 12 months in county jail followed by long-term substance abuse treatment. She also referred to Tappa’s troubled life from his childhood forward.
    “Methamphetamine is ruining lives in our community and unfortunately, Mr. Tappa has lost himself,” Anderson said. “Addiction affects the community but also the individual… and he hasn’t beaten the odds quite yet.”    
    She added that in her experience many clients come out of prison more addicted than they were before incarceration.
    “Prison is not a place to rehabilitate anyone (for substance abuse issues),” she said.
    “Mr. Tappa has done nothing to help himself and he’s had ample time to do that,” Prosecuting Attorney Melissa Powell stated during her argument.
    During sentencing, Judge Powell described how the state views the delivery of methamphetamine.

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