ISD offers schools of choice

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KINGSFORD — In an effort to provide a quality education for all students, the Dickinson-Iron Intermediate School District, in cooperation with its constituent districts, will again offer a Schools of Choice program for the second semester of this school year.
This educational option is available to public school students in Dickinson and Iron counties. The six public school districts in the area are participating in a cross-district Schools of Choice Program. Additionally, certain districts in the area will be participating in Schools of Choice for non-resident students residing outside the Dickinson-Iron Intermediate School District in contiguous school districts in Michigan.
The participating districts are Forest Park, West Iron County, Breitung Township, Iron Mountain, North Dickinson, and Norway-Vulcan.  
  Each of these districts will accept applications in grades kindergarten through the 12th grade. However, the number of transfers allowed under the program will be determined by available space in each district and the space available in each building.  Districts will post the grades, and special programs for which applications for enrollment will be accepted.  Transportation will be the responsibility of the parent.
Applications, along with a brochure designed to help parents learn about the program, can be obtained at any of the participating districts or the Dickinson-Iron Intermediate School District.  The brochure explains the guidelines for the programs and the policies relating to transfers, curriculum, graduation, promotion and transportation. For athletic eligibility and participation in school sports, contact your specific school district(s) for further information.
Applications will be accepted during the last two weeks of the first semester (14 calendar days).
Parents will be notified of acceptance into the program of their preference by the district of choice. For further information contact your local superintendent or the DIISD at 906-779-2690.