IronLine sled dog race discontinued

IRON RIVER—The IronLine Sled Dog Race has been around for five winters, but it won’t be around for a sixth.
    In a statement issued Oct. 13, the IronLine Board of Directors said the race will be discontinued and the IronLine Corporation will be dissolved.
    The statement read:
    “The IronLine sled dog race has been a high-spirited, exciting community event for the past five years. It is an event that has been a pleasure to organize and plan, and one that the community has enjoyed and rallied behind. We have been generously supported by business and municipal sponsors, volunteers that go above and beyond, and we are grateful for this wonderful community we have served.
    “Also, we recognize that the IronLine requires significant investment of monetary resources and time that we, as a board, must evaluate in comparison with the returns generated. We have reached the decision that the amount of investment might accomplish more with a different focus.
    “After much deliberation, we have made the bittersweet but necessary decision to dissolve the IronLine Corporation, discontinue the IronLine Sled Dog Race and, taking the necessary legal avenues, donate the remaining funds to the Iron County Economic Chamber Alliance to plan and implement a new winter event that we hope will yield more abundant economic returns to the community of Iron County.
    “We are confident in this decision as well as the enthusiasm and capabilities of the alliance participants and personnel, and will wholeheartedly support whatever the next winter event might be, acknowledging the seasonal nature of life and events and hopeful that the IronLine legacy will be the foundation for bigger and brighter things to come.
    “From the bottom of our hearts, we thank the Iron County community, the mushers who have faithfully come year after year and the numerous volunteers locally and regionally who made this race happen.”
    More information on this news was not available before press time. The Reporter is planning a follow-up story for the Oct. 25 edition.