Iron River makes deal with T-Mobile

IRON RIVER—After an extensive nine-month period of negotiations, the city of Iron River has come to a lease agreement with T-Mobile so the company can attach an antenna to the Hunter Road water tank.
    Iron River City Manager David Thayer made the announcement at the city council’s regular monthly meeting on March 21. The agreement calls for an initial period of five years with three renewals, followed by one-year terms after that up to 29 years. T-Mobile will pay the city ­­$2,000 per month with an inflationary factor increase of 3 percent each year.
    “I think we’ve worked out fairly decent terms,” Thayer told the council “It’s taken so long because T-Mobile has had three different attorneys review this, three different attorneys with three different opinions. I have not given an inch on our principles, and we now are in a position to sign that lease.”
    Thayer said the wireless network operator wished to have a much longer lease agreement (“Something that went out close to 100 years,” Thayer said), but the rapid
 pace of change of technology caused Thayer to balk at that type of commitment.
    The antenna will be the third in the city. Both AT&T and Verizon have antennas on the Stambaugh water tank.
    “I told (T-Mobile) all along that it was not my interest to have antennas on our water tank because the primary use of the water tank is for water service,” Thayer said. “However, because this will be a benefit to the public, a community service, that’s why we’ve gone forward with this.”
    Thayer said the T-Mobile antenna will be attached in early June, after AT&T and Verizon finish their work and are back online in early May.
    In other new business, the council

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