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Iron River, Caspian issue let-run orders

IRON RIVER—Once again, Old Man Winter wins.
    The recent stretch of severe cold has caused both Iron River and Caspian to issue city-wide let-runs for water customers, effective Feb. 19.
    The statement issued by Iron River City Manager Perry Franzoi reads:
    “The city of Iron River is issuing a city-wide let-run for water customers of the city of Iron River starting immediately. Internal water temperatures have decreased steadily in the last 72 hours, down from 40 degrees to 34 degrees in some areas. Water tank temperatures have registered at 34 degrees. Iron River Water Department staff stated there is not a sufficient amount of water flowing through the system to prevent freezing. These factors and the persistent sub-zero temperatures experienced and forecast for the next few days increase the depth of the frost currently in the ground.
    “For all water customers of the city of Iron River, please run water in a location the furthest point in the dwelling from the connection to the city’s water distribution system. The monthly bill will be adjusted based upon your monthly average. The city-wide let-run shall continue until further notice.”
    Caspian’s statement of Feb. 19 reads:
    “There is a city-wide water let-run policy in effect immediately. Please let your water run, and your bill will be adjusted accordingly based off your average usage. If your water freezes, it is the responsibility of the homeowner, not the city, as we have given you permission to run your water. The city of Caspian will let you know when to shut your water off.”