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IR city manager resigns

IRON RIVER—Perry Franzoi resigned as Iron River City Manager July 13 after an internal dispute between himself and Mayor Terry Tarsi and Police Chief Laura Frizzo.
    Franzoi, who was hired as city manager in 2012, stated in his letter of resignation addressed to Tarsi and City Council members that given the situation he felt like he could no longer by effective in his position.
    Franzoi also singled out other problematic relationships within the city’s administration in his letter.
    “This is a pattern that has happened with the assessor, police chief and the (Department of Public Works) director,” Franzoi wrote. “Effective immediately, I resign as city manager because of this pattern of interference from Mayor Tarsi.”
    Franzoi did not respond to requests for further comment.
    When asked to respond to Franzoi’s letter of resignation or about the nature of the dispute, Frizzo declined to offer specific details.
    “My only response is that there is an investigation being pursued at this time,” she said.
    According to Tarsi, a special meeting was to be held in executive session between himself, city council members and Frizzo on July 13 to discuss the dispute, but Franzoi resigned before the meeting.
    Franzoi’s contract was renewed for another two years after an executive meeting in June. The council voted to renew his contract with no wage increase for the current fiscal year and to discuss a possible wage increase for the next year. Tarsi was the only member of the board to vote against the renewal.
    Tarsi later said that he disagreed with the position that Franzoi was the best person
 for the city manager’s job. He stated that he approved a six-month renewal with an evaluation at the end, but the board went ahead with the two-year contract.
    During the regular Iron River meeting on July 15, Tarsi notified the public about Franzoi’s resignation, and the board voted unanimously to hire city clerk Rachel Andreski as interim city manager.
    Andreski later said that she accepted the position as interim city manager because as the clerk, she worked closely with the manager and council and understands the current issues and projects. She also stated that she is seriously considering applying for the full-time city manager position.
    “I was thankful for the opportunity to step in where there was a need and am grateful for the confidence of the council,” she said.
    A special meeting will be held at 9 a.m. Wednesday to discuss the hiring process, what the board is looking for in a city manager and receive public comment on the subject.
    Currently, Andreski will fill both positions of clerk and manager. Anyone needing to speak to her as the city manager can call either the clerk or manager extension, she said.