IR City Council discusses acting as zone appeal board

IRON RIVER—Finding members of the community to sit on the Zoning Board of Appeals can be a difficult proposition in small communities. Finding a time when enough members of those boards can meet and form a quorum can be just as difficult.
    This certainly has been the case in Michigan. In fact, the state legislature changed the law in 2006 to allow city councils to sit as the ZBA.
    The city of Iron River has not been immune to this difficulty. Pleas to the public have not often brought candidates forward, and so the city has been left with a circumstance when zoning appeals have been delayed and are months in the making.
    At the City Council’s regular monthly meeting on Oct. 18, Mayor Terry Tarsi brought up the subject of having the council take sit as the ZBA.
    “We just can’t find people to sit on the ZBA,” Tarsi began. “And you have to get them all together …. Somebody wants to build a building and they need to go to the ZBA, and this one’s on vacation, this one can’t make it. It’s so hard to get everybody together.

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