IR charter changes head to Lansing

IRON RIVER—Proposed amendments to the city charter, consolidating its four precincts into one, were approved by the Iron River City Commission during its regular meeting Feb. 22.
    Next stop: Lansing, for review of proposed ballot language by the governor and attorney general. After that, the charter amendments must be approved by city voters before they take effect.
    City Manager David Thayer told commissioners the city has worked on the ballot language since last October. A public hearing was held during the commission’s January meeting.
    Thayer said he made some changes since then in hopes of making the ballot language simpler and easier to understand.
    Under the proposal:
    --All four city commissioners would be elected at large (by all residents of the city). This would not affect anyone currently serving on the com  To view more, please log in or subscribe to the digital edition.

mission until their current term ends.
    --The city would reduce its current four voting precincts to two.
    --The deputy mayor, who is chosen by commissioners, will serve a two-year term.