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ICRC holds meeting outside

IRON RIVER — The Iron County Road Commission Board held its regularly scheduled monthly meeting on April 23. The meeting had been postponed from April 14.
    The meeting was held in the Road Commission’s office vehicle garage/parking lot with social distancing. When the weather is cooperative, the plan is to hold the meetings outside in the parking lot. This has been the policy for the last three meetings and will continue for the near future, according to ICRC Superintendent Doug Tomasoski.
    “(We’ve) looked at purchasing tablets for use by commissioners as not all have capable computer/phone technology and discussed audio only (phone conference) but all were OK with continuing with in-person being close to nature,” Tomasoski said.
    At the meeting on April 23, the board decided to put the summer employment program on hold temporarily due to COVID and uncertain funding for coming months. The action will be reevaluated at the next meeting.
    Tomasoski reported other highlights, including:
    -Sending out communication to cities and village concerning upcoming millage renewal. Will be discussing for November ballot proposal.
    -Previously ordered pickups (from Stateline) were recently received.
    -Authorized purchase of used maintenance/plow truck from U.P. Truck Center of Quinnesec for $29,000. Unlikely will be bidding out planned/budgeted new maintenance/plow truck this fiscal year due to COVID funding uncertainty.
    -Acknowledged receipt of State Treasury acceptance of Corrective Action Plan.

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