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ICECA furloughs staff

IRON RIVER — The Iron County Economic Chamber Alliance Board of Trustees announced that it has temporarily furloughed executive director Paul Schuytema and office manager Leeann Kirkpatrick and cut chamber director Erika Sauter’s hours to 20 per week.
    In a newsletter release from the ICECA, the reason for the furloughs and cutback was due to the organization’s current financial projections, “already tight due to county budget cuts and further diminished by the COVID-19 crisis.”
    The ICECA said Schuytema has agreed to help business clients as much as he can on a volunteer basis during this time.    
    The rest of the statement reads:
    “Our focus will remain on serving the needs of our local businesses and helping to mitigate the challenges ahead with our remaining staff and network of community volunteers. Our goal is to stay active and relevant, albeit on a reduced basis, and we will continue to disseminate vital information, encourage the community to shop local, counsel local businesses, and help them navigate the local, state and federal resources available to them.
    “We are also working hard on short-term and long-term strategies for helping our businesses weather the storm. These are very difficult and troubling times for all of us, but with the knowledge that this is a temporary setback, we will continue to work toward our shared vision of making Iron County ‘that place you never want to leave, and if you must, a place you can’t wait to return.’
    “We will continue to keep the lines of communication open and welcome your input and ideas as we move forward. We’re all in this together, and together we will overcome the challenges ahead.”