Frizzo supporters protest

A handful of supporters of Iron River Police Chief Laura Frizzo protested the city’s decision to place Frizzo on leave on Oct. 21. The group chanted and waived at drivers who honked their horns during the demonstration that began about noon.
IRON RIVER—The news that Iron River Police Chief Laura Frizzo has been placed on leave has provoked a variety of impassioned responses.
    Some local residents who support Frizzo showed their disagreement with the decision by organizing a protest in front of City Hall Oct. 21. The protestors stood along the Genesee Street entrance, holding signs that read “Justice for Chief Laura,” “We support Chief Laura,” “Let Chief Frizzo do her job” and “Stand up for Justice; Stand up for Laura Frizzo.”
    The protest was organized on social media and started at noon. Several drivers honked their horns as they drove by, and protestors chanted in support of Frizzo.
    “We’re just trying to make some kind of voice for her, just supporting her and just wanting management here to know that they need to rethink this decision and they need to act on it,” said Iron River resident Michelle Clements, one of the organizers.

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