FP board talks building plans

CRYSTAL FALLS—Planning continues for projects planned this year at the Forest Park schools. Refinishing of the high school gym floor was one of the projects discussed during the School Board’s March 26 regular meeting.
    Board President Jim Nocerini, who chairs the building and grounds committee, told board members that two companies inspected the gym floor recently.
    One, he said, “spent an awful lot of time” studying the gym’s condition. Those officials suggested running a fan in the gym, and Forest Park planned to do that during the spring break.
    After that, company officials will come back to see what effect it has had on moisture in the floor.
    An idea being considered is removing the wood floor near the water fountain and replacing it with a rubberized surface. Instruments showed that the floor’s moisture level was high near the fountains and lower farther away.
    “The people that he had here were excellent,” Nocerini noted.
    Another idea was removing the fountain completely, replacing it with a station where water bottles can be refilled.  

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