Couple bound over on meth charges

CRYSTAL FALLS—At a preliminary examination hearing that stretched into two separate days, an Iron County couple was bound over on four charges related to a methamphetamine bust in Caspian in July.
    Judge C. Joseph Schwedler found there was probable cause that Stephen Scott Horton, 53, and his wife Dana Leigh Horton, 44, committed the offenses stemming from an Upper Peninsula Substance Enforcement Team investigation that resulted in the discovery of an active methamphetamine lab at the Hortons’ residence, according to UPSET detectives.
    Both Hortons will face charges of conspiracy to commit a controlled substance–manufacture methamphetamine (a 20-year felony); manufacture of methamphetamine (a 20-year felony); operating or maintaining a laboratory (a 10-year felony); and purchasing or possessing pseudoephedrine to make methamphetamine (a five-year felony).
    Schwedler did not bind the couple over on the charge of maintaining a drug house (a two-year high-court misdemeanor), stating he did not find probable cause that the couple was keeping or maintaining a dwelling that was used for the keeping or selling of a controlled substance.
    A motion to suppress evidence is expected to be filed by defense attorneys Michael Scholke and Geoffrey Lawrence upon procurement of the transcript of the lengthy prelim, which began on Nov. 8 and continued over to Nov. 20.
    Prosecuting Attorney Melissa Powell called several witnesses to the stand, including UPSET detectives involved in the investigation.

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