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County issues layoff notices

CRYSTAL FALLS — The Iron County Board of Commissioners announced it has issued layoff notices as part of a courthouse policy, which it adopted at a special meeting on April 17.
    The policy is to run from Monday, April 20 through Thursday, April 30.
    In a statement from the board, department heads/elected officials have deemed which of their employees are considered essential and the number of hours needed during this downtime.
    Employees deemed non-essential or who request voluntary temporary leave can file for unemployment and/or under-employment during this time. The terms of the temporary leave will be based upon the union contract the employee is working under. It is expected the temporary leave will last up to 120 days, but the length is an estimate only and subject to change. Employees can be called back at any time for any reason and cannot refuse work.
    The county issued a layoff notice on April 17 pursuant to the courthouse union contract by providing at least 14 days advance notice. Layoffs would be implemented as per union contract.
    To protect all employees who will continue to work within the courthouse, all employees will be screened at the south entrance before entering the building. This screening will include a temperature check daily and the answering of a questionnaire. All courthouse employees, including court, juvenile, friend of the court and prosecutor’s office must comply with this screening. Any employee entering the building and is not screened will be asked to leave and will not be paid.
    All doors will be locked, and citizens can only enter by appointment. Department heads that have set up appointments will meet the citizen with an appointment at the south entrance.
    The individual with an appointment will be screened in the same manner as employees. The screening will be completed by a representative from the Board of Commissioners office.
    This policy will be extended should the governor extend the Shelter in Place order.