County contends with COVID repercussions


CRYSTAL FALLS — For its regular monthly meeting on July 14, the Iron County Board of Commissioners returned to the Board of Commissioners Room at the courthouse for the first time since gathering restrictions were put in place because of COVID-19.
    A significant portion of the meeting focused on the county’s current situation and possible future developments surrounding the novel coronavirus.
    As per previous meetings since the spread of coronavirus began, Iron County has had to adjust to a changing economic outlook. Civil Council Steve Tinti stated that the county was experiencing a “dramatic revenue falloff” as early as the April meeting of the board: a situation developing immediately after a high-impact county budget cycle in the fall of last year, and during the continuing situation involving state of Michigan’s non-funding of over $1 million toward the Manpower Consortium pensions.
    Treasurer Melanie Camps provided a further update on another area the virus has financially impacted the county: foreclosures. She said that the pandemic has caused the dates for those to be changed multiple times. She added that she would provide the board with firm dates when they are available.
    The Iron County Fair was another ordinarily financially winsome area affected by the disease. The event last year smashed records, this year, it was cancelled.
    Additionally, since the beginning of summer, Iron County has seen COVID-19 appear within its borders. Emergency Manager Vernon Jones asked the board to support Item G on the agenda, Bill No. 0690, which would provide a hazard bonus of $1,000 to 25 “first responder” employees within the county. The board agreed to support the measure later in the meeting.


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