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Cool, wet, snowy 2019 finally over

IRON RIVER—The year 2019 was quite a year for weather in Iron County. Now that all the data is in, added, averaged and compared, the numbers confirm what most of us suspected for a long time.
    --It was a coolish year. The average temperature was 36.6 degrees, nearly 2 degrees cooler than the long-term average.
    --It was a really wet year. Total precipitation for the 12 months was 39.04 inches, nearly 9 inches higher than normal. That’s 30 percent above normal. It was the seventh wettest year in the last century.
    --It was a really snowy year, too. If you toughed out last winter and are toughing out this one, you had to attack 96.4 inches of snow, nearly 28 inches more than usual. That’s 40 percent more than in a normal winter. The shovels got a real workout.
    All these numbers come from the West Iron County Wastewater Treatment Plant, located south of Caspian, which is a cooperative observer for the National Weather Service, which provides the weekly weather data that appears in the Reporter.
    Temperatures: Only three months in 2019 had above-normal temperatures. One of them was July—1.5 degrees warmer than normal. We never hit 90 degrees all year, but we reached 89 twice in July—the 3rd and 19th.
    In all, 18 days in July had highs in the 80s. Another five 80s were recorded in the first five days August, but that was it—only three more 80s for the rest of the year.
    September was 2.5 degrees warmer than average, the greatest difference from normal. But that was offset by August, which was 2.5 degrees below normal. And there were plenty of other months that averaged below normal.
    For example, the first three months of 2019. January, 4.4 degrees cooler; February, 4.1 degrees cooler; March, 5.4 degrees cooler. It was a cold winter. We got more of that in November, which was 4.6 degrees cooler than normal.
    A few highlights:
    --Coldest temperature of the year: minus 34, on Jan. 25 and 26, part of a string of three consecutive minus 30s.
    --Coldest high temperature: minus 3 on Jan. 29.

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