Cold enough for you? State record smashed

IRON RIVER—This has been a miserable spring so far, hasn’t it? Several major snowstorms in late March have been followed by more subzero weather. Then, late last week, things really got ridiculous.
    On the morning of April 7, the wastewater treatment plant south of Caspian (officially known as “Stambaugh” by the National Weather Service) recorded a low of minus 24.
    A minus 24 reading on April 7 is certain to rewrite the record book. Before long, the NWS Marquette office was reporting it was the coldest temperature that has ever been recorded anywhere in Michigan during April.
    Not only that, but it crushed the old record—minus 17, recorded in Clarksburg in 2003 and in Herman in 1982.
    So far, April—traditionally the month of robins and new growth, the first dandelions of the year and those April showers—has been one of snow and subzero cold.
    With the ground still snow-covered, chickadees and sparrows are hitting bird feeders hard.
    Golfers and spring sports teams can only be patient. It’s not as if we haven’t had a very late spring before.