Cochran’s sentence: life without parole

CRYSTAL FALLS—Kelly Cochran’s fate in Michigan was sealed as soon as an Iron County jury found her guilty of first-degree murder Feb. 28 in the October 2014 death of Christopher Regan.
    The Michigan Penal Code states that any person guilty of first-degree murder shall be punished by imprisonment for life without the eligibility of parole. So when Cochran appeared before Judge Richard J. Celello on May 10 for sentencing, his decision was a fait accompli.    
    Not that Celello was inclined to find differently.
    “I have no discretion here but to impose this sentence of life imprisonment without possibility of parole,” Celello said after statements by Cochran’s attorney, Michael Scholke, and Prosecuting Attorney Melissa Powell and after a letter written by Regan’s family was read.
    “Based on the testimony I heard, even without that mandate, that would probably have been my opinion.”
    And so with that, the saga of Kelly Cochran’s short but tragic stay in Iron County effectively ended. Cochran, who moved to Iron County in January 2014 from northwest Indiana, was transported four days later to the Women’s Huron Valley Correctional Facility in Ypsilanti to begin serving her sentence in the Michigan Department of Corrections prison system.
    Cochran’s legal difficulties have not ended, however. She has also been charged with murder in the February 2016 death of her husband, Jason Cochran, in Lake County, Ind., where the couple resided before moving to Iron County.
    In the local case, Kelly Cochran was found guilty of aiding and abetting her husband in the murder and dismemberment of Regan at the couple’s home in Caspian.
    Testimony stated that Jason Cochran shot Regan in the head while his wife and Regan were engaged in sexual activity at the top of the basement steps. After dismembering the body, the Cochrans took the remains to a field off Pentoga Trail.
    Now that she’s been sentenced in the Regan murder, Cochran is expected to be extradited to Indiana soon to face the charges there.
    Additionally, it appears that Cochran will likely appeal the verdict in the Regan case.
    “I can’t speak to whether she will or will not, but

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