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CF votes for pot shop ban

CRYSTAL FALLS—At its regularly scheduled monthly meeting on April 8, the Crystal Falls City Council voted to approve an emergency ordinance to prohibit marijuana establishments within the city’s boundaries.
    The motion, made by Mayor David Sherby and seconded by Councilor Lori Willman, passed by a 4-0 vote. Aye votes included those by Councilor Maria Peterson and Michael McCarthy. Councilor Adam Schiavo was absent.
    Emergency Ordinance 2.30 reads, in part, “this ordinance is declared immediately necessary for the preservation of the public peace, health and safety of the community. Therefore, this ordinance is effective immediately and is declared as an ‘emergency ordinance’ per the City Charter.”
    “For anybody that’s not sure why we’re doing this, there are no rules set up by the state yet, so we want to stop it before it starts until we know what the rules are going to be because we can always reverse this ordinance by law in the future,” Sherby said. “The state doesn’t even have rules and regulations on this yet so it’s easier to stop this right now until the state decides how it’s going to run this whole program.”
    The proposal to legalize recreational marijuana in the state passed in November 2018 and passed in the city of Crystal Falls by a narrow vote.
    According to the Crystal Falls City Charter, the council may adopt an emergency ordinance “to meet a public emergency affecting life, health, property or the public peace….”

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