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CF hears from ICECA, revisits pot ordinance

CRYSTAL FALLS — The Crystal Fall City Council held its regularly scheduled monthly meeting on Feb. 10 with a wider set of affairs to look into this month.
    During the meeting, the board discussed and heard updates on the Humongous Fungus Fest, county economic affairs, and also revisited the marijuana ordinance passed late last year.
    Starting the meeting, the Iron County Economic Chamber Alliance made a repeat appearance this month. This time, the board received the organization’s Executive Director Paul Schuytema, who started out by delivering a presentation on what activities the ICECA has been and continues to be involved in.
    In addition to trying to find additional revenue streams going forward, the ICECA also discussed other events or programs it planned to be involved in during the new year. One area the ICECA planned to address was “digital readiness” - or in other words how visible a particular area business is on the Internet. The Alliance also planned to help develop a program – in the form of an online training resource – which would help public-facing staff at local businesses direct anyone unfamiliar with the county to various points of interest, including providing assistance in finding food services, outdoor recreational areas and lodging.
    After Schuytema delivered his presentation – in the process taking questions from the board – Mayor Mike McCarthy delivered an update on the city’s readiness for the Humongous Fungus Festival. He said a meeting was held the previous week, and that an outline for the event has been developed as a result of that meeting.
    The event’s activities on Friday would be held on top of the hill in conjunction with the street music festival but would later return to Runkle Lake. Councilman Chris Nocerini said he talked with local sports personnel, as there are athletic activities planned around that time period, and those individuals indicated to him that they not only would plan around it but also actively supported moving the Fungus Festival down toward the lake. Other details were still being worked on, such as the parade and certain activities for the event.

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