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CF Council studies food truck law

CRYSTAL FALLS—Disagreement between Crystal Falls City Council members regarding a food truck ordinance took place at the council’s regular meeting Aug. 10. The inability to come to an agreement led to the ordinance being tabled until March.
    The permit fee was the main source of dispute between the councilors. If ordinance 2.25, which was designed for mobile food vehicle vendors, is put into effect by the council, it would call for a permit to be purchased from the city for operation.
    City Manager Dorothea Olson asked the board if it was seriously considering adopting the ordinance or if it was going to let it go. The ordinance was brought to the board because of recent interest by a prospective vendor who is no longer interested in operating a mobile food vehicle in the city.
    Olson notified the board that unless it takes some kind of action, the issue would continue to show up on the agenda.
    City Attorney Geoffrey Lawrence asked if it was still needed.
    Many of the board members agreed that it would be a good idea to have an ordinance in place but could not agree on a fee.
    While Mayor Pat Sommers couldn’t take any action on the ordinance or discuss the issue as a board member due to a conflict of interest, he did voice his thoughts as a community member and business owner.
    He suggested that because mobile food truck vendors do not pay city taxes for their business or utilities, the fee should be in excess of $1,000.
    City Councilor David Sherby said $1,000 is too much. “That chases away that business,” he said.
    Sommers asked if the board wanted the vendors in the city or not. “Personally, I don’t want them here,” Sommers said.
    Sherby responded that he does want them available, not necessarily in town, but at places like

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