Caspian winning bidder for used fire truck

By Allyce Westphal
CASPIAN—With a winning bid on a 1990 fire truck, Caspian Commissioner Wendy Werth questioned if this meant the end of the special fire assessment for Caspian residents.
    “No,” answered Commissioner Mark Stauber. “We voted to keep the assessment for another year.”
    Stauber said in his report on the Fire Authority Committee that the truck was available on bid from Iron Mountain, with the city winning the bid of $12,622. He added that the purchase price will be shared between Caspian (75 percent, $9,466) and Gaastra (25 percent, $3,155.50).
    It was noted that the truck will be used to replace one of the fire department’s older trucks, which has been causing concern about reliability and safety.
    However, since the new truck is a 1990 model, the commissioners pointed out that it will run the same course as the older models, with parts no longer available to fix necessary repairs.
    Later in the meeting, Stauber asked the board to take the money out of the assessment fund to purchase the truck.
    The motion passed by a 3-0 vote, with Mayor Gary Sabol and Commissioner Matt Jacks abstaining. Both are members of the Caspian-Gaastra Volunteer Fire Department.
    Under old business, the mayor noted that the agreement between the Iron River Soccer Association and the city of Caspian for the use of Joe Sabol Field has been signed.

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