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2019 U.P. deer hunting prospects announced by DNR

Overall, buck sightings in Iron County have been good according to local hunters and local photographer Kevin Zini, who has spent time in the woods this fall to capture a number of big buck shots. More buck photos on page 11.

LANSING — The 2019 deer season is fast approaching. DNR biologists have been out, observing the deer herds in their areas and looking at the food sources which will sustain deer this fall. Based on their observations, what follows is the forecast for the upcoming hunting season.
Deer Hunting Forecast
Upper Peninsula
Numbers: Overall, the winter of 2018-2019 was average for the U.P. Locally, some communities saw record-breaking snow levels. Luckily, snow melt occurred quickly throughout the region and it appears that few deer succumbed to harsh winter conditions. Observations by staff indicate that deer numbers appear similar to last year.
Food: Most areas are reporting good to great soft mast production, especially apples. A couple of areas in the
U.P., especially around Shingleton, are reporting good acorn production as well.
Bucks: With overall deer numbers being low in the U.P., buck sightings have been limited. Those that have been observed look very healthy and antler development appears average for the region.