‘Always home’ slogan OK’d by IR Commission

IRON RIVER—“Where you are always home!”
    Expect to see a lot of those words from now on because the Iron River City Commission voted to adopt it as the city’s new “logo” during its Feb. 22 regular meeting.
    It replaces a logo that called Iron River Michigan’s “first consolidated city.”
    “I’m not really sure how that fits our agenda,” City Manager David Thayer told commissioners. He said the old slogan was chosen more for the state’s benefit as it tried to encourage other municipal consolidations after Iron River did so in 2001.
    One goal of the city’s economic development plan, Thayer said, is to bring more people to Iron River, either full-time or part-time residents or visitors. “We need to find something that we can use as that branding for our city,” he said.
    “When you hear the words ‘Where you are always home,’ you think about safe, comfortable, welcoming and a place you want to go to.” Thayer said he hopes other groups will also adopt the slogan.
    A graphic distributed to commissioners shows the U.P. in blue-green with a red heart outline over Iron River and the words next to it.
    “It kind of aligns,” commented Commissioner Rodney Dood, “with the new Chamber model: ‘Live, Work, Play.’”
    City officials, including the planning commission, have been discussing updating the old logo for the past six months, trading ideas.

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