Christmas tree permits available on-line from the Ottawa National Forest

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IRONWOOD — Finding a Christmas tree has become an annual tradition for many families: driving around the North woods and spending time outdoors looking for that perfect tree is exciting.  This year, the Ottawa Natoinal Forest announces that Christmas tree permits will be available to purchase online through  Details about the program, dates, and types of trees that may be cut may be found at
Anyone who would like to obtain a Christmas tree permit can still visit their local Forest Service office, but now there is an added option of purchasing your permit online. The Forest Service decided to add permit sales to as a convenience for visitors, as well as to provide an alternative to in-person transactions at offices that may remain closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  
To purchase a Christmas tree permit, visit  It is important to carefully read the overview and need-to-know information prior to purchasing the permit. Visitors to the site will need to set up or login to a account to complete the transaction.
Here are some additional reminders and tips for cutting your tree:
• Travel with a companion and always tell someone where you are going and when to expect you back.
• Remember to take your tree-cutting permit and a map.
• Follow the holiday tree permit conditions; you should receive a copy of these with your holiday tree permit.
• Make sure that your chosen tree is on national forest land; respect private property owners by not trespassing.
• Be prepared for an outdoor winter experience. Dress warm and in layers. Check the weather forecast. Keep your gas tank full. Have tire chains if necessary, and don’t forget to bring a rope and tarp to transport your tree home. Also remember emergency supplies, including water and food.
• When cutting your tree, wear eye protection and heavy-duty work gloves.
• Decide where you want the tree to fall. Make sure the direction you choose is clear of all obstacles, including power lines and vehicles.
• Make the back cut by standing to the side and away from the trunk. Step away as soon as the tree begins to fall.
“We hope you find that perfect Christmas tree and that you enjoy your experience on the Ottawa National Forest,” the press release stated.
For more information or to ask addditional questions, call your local Forest Service office.