Mentored youth gets first-ever gobbler

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Daphne Papatriantafyllou, age 5, harvested her first wild turkey on Oct. 11 while hunting with her dad, Andrew, in the Iron River area. The gobbler was 19 pounds, had a 6-inch beard and 3/4-inch spurs. It was shot from a pop-up blind at 33 yards with a Stevens 301 custom .410 turkey gun that had a modified stock fabricated by Andrew to fit his young daughter. Daphne has been target shooting since she was 3 years old and is an accomplished young marksman. She made a single shot which dusted the turkey and left no BBs in the meat. The father-daughter team is participating in the Michigan Mentored Youth Hunting Program, which allows hunters nine years old and younger to hunt deer, turkey, small game, trap furbearers and fish for all species with a licensed mentor who is at least 21 years old and hunter-safety certified. The mentored youth license is a “package” license that entitles the youth to hunt, trap and fish for the species listed above during all open seasons for the species. (submitted photo)