August 27, 2014

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WU fishing contest winners listed PDF Print E-mail
Written by Janet Rohde   
Tuesday, July 08, 2014 10:47 AM

CRYSTAL FALLS—Wildlife Unlimited of Iron County announces the winners of the Kids Fishing Derby held on June 28 at Runkle Lake.
0 to 6 Year Old, Game Fish Division: 1st Bryant Minier, age 6, northern pike, 3/4-pound.
0 to 6 Year Old, Pan Fish Division: 1st Emma Ziegler, 2, sunfish, 1/-pound; 2nd Violet Maki, 3, sunfish, 7/16-pound.; 3rd Mike Ondonak, 2, crappie, 5/16-pound.; 4th Amilia Reed, 6, bluegill, 4/16-pound.; 5th Josiah Minier, 4, pumpkin seed, 3/16-pound.
7 to 11 Year Old, Game Fish Division: 1st Adia Archer, 11, largemouth bass, 2 lbs.; 2nd Zachary Turner, 10, largemouth bass, 1-1/2 lbs.; 3rd Marcus Rowell, 9, largemouth b, 1-1/8-pounds; Brady Johnston, 10, largemouth bass, 1-1/6-pound; 5th Isaiah Pitts, 10, largemouth bass, 1-pound
7 to 11 Year Old, Pan Fish Division: 1st Brad Stacy, 10, pumpkin seed, 5/16-pound.; 2nd Joe Johnston, 9, sunfish, 1/4-pound; 3rd Kris Burmeister, 10, pumpkin seed, 3/16-pound; 4th Gannon Voegtline, 8, sunfish, 3/16-pound; 5th Amelia Ellison, 10, bluegill, 3/16-pound.
12 to 17 Year Old, Game Fish Division: 1st Zack Rowell, 14, largemouth bass, 1-7/16-pound; 2nd Kristan Stacy, 14, largemouth bass, 1-3/16-pound.
12 to 17 Year Old, Pan Fish Division: 1st Tyler Rowell, 12, crappie, 9/16-pound; 2nd Nick Grobowski, 17, crappie, 7/16-pound; 3rd Jayden Lundry, 13, pumpkin seed, 5/16-pound; 4th Josh Merrit, 13, pumpkin seed, 5/16-pound; 5th Cyrus Bilderback, 12, sunfish, 4/16-pound.