August 29, 2014

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Wykons voted West Pac players of year PDF Print E-mail
Written by Peter Nocerini   
Tuesday, November 05, 2013 9:51 AM

IRON RIVER—Andrew Peterson and Alec Schmelebeck were named players of the year in voting by West Pac Conference football coaches last week.
Peterson was voted top defensive player and was one of the four Wykons (including three defensive linemen) voted to the 13-member defensive first team. The others were linemen Chasz Jonet and Max Maloney and defensive back Colton Pangrazzi.
Schmelebeck, a junior, was the coaches’ choice for offensive player of the year. He was named to the team at running back. Also on the first team were linemen Bryson Heimerl and Andy Ridolphi along with Ryan Rogers at both receiver and punter.
Wykons Coach Mike Berutti was voted coach of the year, as West Iron went 9-0 overall and won the conference title.
More Wykons were voted to the second team. On offense, they were linemen Austin Carlson and Mykel Zaritz. Picks on defense were linebacker Jake Polich, lineman Ron Varney and defensive back Joe Pisoni. Zane Sarafiny received honorable mention.
Offense, first team
Quarterback: Cooper Kerner, Northland Pines.
Running backs: Alec Schmelebeck (jr.), West Iron; Jimmy Veker, L’Amse; Thomas Schmidt (jr.), Houghton.
Offensive linemen: Bryson Heimerl, West ron; Keith Denomie, L’Anse; Andy Ridolphi, West Iron; Jordan LaTendresse, Hancock; Brandon Scroggs, L’Anse.
Receivers: Sam Lacko, Northland Pines; Ryan Rogers, West Iron.
Punter: Ryan Rogers, West Iron.
Offensive player of the year: Alec Schmelebeck, West Iron.
Defense, first team
Linebackers: Ben Collaer (jr.), Houghton; Adam Mackey, Ironwood; Jonny Magaraggia, L’Anse; Brandon Barnes, Hancock.
Defensive linemen: Sean Patchin, Hancock; Tanner Beaman, Northland Pines; Andrew Peterson, West Iron; Chasz Jonet, West Iron; Max Maloney (jr.), West Iron.
Defensive backs: Colton Pangrazzi, West Iron; Bailey Ramesh (jr.), Northland Pines; Tanner Kearly, Hancock.
Kicker: Ryan LaBerge, L’Anse.
Defensive player of the year: Andrew Peterson, West Iron.
Special teams player of the year: Ryan LaBerge, L’Anse.
Offense, second team
Quarterback: Ryan LaBerge, L’Anse.
Running backs: Brandon Kemppainen (jr.), L’Anse; Brody Stafonich (jr.), Ironwood; Riley Engman, Hancock.
Offensive linemen: Zack Verran, Houghton; Austin Carlson (jr.), West Iron; Ben Eskola (jr.), Calumet; Adrian Staterstat, Hancock; Mykel Zaritz (jr.), West Iron.
Receivers: Jared Sobelewski (jr.), Ironwood; Sam Bethancourt (jr.), Houghton.
Defense, second team
Linebackers: Jake Polich (soph.), West Iron; Ryan Beauprey (soph.), L’Anse; Brad Erkkila, Calumet; Colton Swiontek, Northland Pines.
Defensive line: Joey Beauprey, L’Anse; Devin DeRosso (jr.), Ironwood; Andrew Berg, Calumet; Brad Ohtonen (soph.), Houghton; Ron Varney, West Iron.
Defensive backs: Braden Anderson, Calumet; Justin Ruotsula (soph.), Houghton; Joe Pisoni, West Iron.
Honorable mentions: Alex Karcher, L’Anse; Jake DiGiorgio (jr.), Ironwood; Kaden Kangas (jr.), Calumet; William Lucier, Hancock; Ryan Ozelie (jr.), Northland Pines; Austin Mattson (jr.), Houghton; Zane Sarafiny (soph.), West Iron.


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