August 22, 2014

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Caspian votes to move ahead with scrap tire grant PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nikki Mitchell   
Tuesday, October 22, 2013 12:59 PM

CASPIAN—At its regular Oct. 9 meeting, the Caspian City Commission voted to go ahead an application for the scrap tire grant. Commissioners discussed using a local site as the disposal site for the tires. The city will contact Great American Disposal Co., which is the Kingsford tire handler.
During the meeting, the board also discussed the ongoing generator issue with city attorney Steve Polich. Polich explained that the city was furnished with a 62-kilowatt generator by the pump house that was fueled by propane. The generator is a back-up system in case of a power outage.
However, due to the generator issue, the water supply might be in trouble if the generator does not start to pick up the water supply. He said that a larger generator may be brought in to see if it will solve the problem. Polich said it is a situation that has moved along pretty quickly.
The blight ordinance was brought up again, and the commission voted to amend the ordinance to change the notice from 30 days to 10 days, which will help create a uniform blight ordinance with Gaastra.
In addition to the blight ordinance, Ordinance 1-5 B, which deals with clear street intersections, was also discussed. A proposed amendment to the ordinance makes the description of structures that would block the vision more clear.
The amendment includes personal property, vehicles, equipment or machinery that are parked or stored. It also includes alleys in the ordinance instead of only streets. A public notice will have to be held in order for the board to make any decision on the proposed amendments.
Polich discussed the city’s need to submit the Title VI non-discrimination plan, which needs to be turned in to the state. He told the commission that he has been working on it and that it has been sent in as a draft to the state and has received preliminary approval.
A motion was made to adopt the Title VI non-discrimination plan with City Manager John Stokoski as coordinator. The plan will include information on what Caspian has been doing with the state grant projects the city has done over the last several years.
Polich informed the board that during the mid-2000s, the old 424 Caspian dumpsite was traded for property on South Berkshire Road with Packerland. During that time, the deed was signed, but was never recorded, although Caspian’s records show that the deed was recorded and sent. The register of deeds shows that there is no deed from the city to Packerland for the old dump. He suggested that the board pass a resolution of the property to Packerland and that Stokoski can sign the deed so it can be given to Packerland to be recorded.
The board acknowledged that during the week of Oct. 21, R&D Sewer will review the issue of a small sinkhole around a manhole on Lawrence Street.
In other news, the commission:
--Discussed its pay and decided that it is not necessary for to change its form of pay based on the audit report.
--Acknowledged that the audio and video camera has been working well in the City Hall. One will be installed in the Fire Department as well.
--Took a moment to remember long-time City Commissioner Leo Remondini, who died recently.
--Was informed that the toxicity tests came back normal.
--Approved the disbursement amount of $246,961.


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