July 28, 2014

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Pistol shoot winners announced PDF Print E-mail
Written by Janet Rohde   
Tuesday, October 08, 2013 1:56 PM

CHANNING—The Sagola Township Sportsmen’s Club hosted their annual 2013 Combat Pistol Tournament on Sept. 22.
There were four scenarios and each one was scored by time. Additional time was added for shots outside the center ring. There were also four different divisions. Revolver division was for traditional “wheel guns”. Ladies division was open for all female shooters. Master class was for shooters that have won previous championships across the Upper Peninsula. The B-class is for all other shooters.
In the revolver division NRA instructor Jeff Stroud, of Pilke, took home third place honors. Fifteen year old Jay Loman of Pilke came in seven seconds better to earn himself second place. Finishing 22 seconds faster in first place for revolver division was Tony Erickson of Bullseyes to Badguys, Kingsford.
The women’s division had a rookie shooter, Julie Stanely, who take home third place in her first formal competition. “Once she settled in and focused on having fun she was amazing to watch,” said a fellow competitor.
Second place had senior female instructor with Bullseyes to Badguys, Erika Harnden, finishing 38 seconds faster than third. Finishing almost a full minute ahead of any competitors in the women’s division was 10 year old Katherine Erickson of Kingsford. With her first place finish Katherine will now move to the B-class for all future events.
The B-division had thirteen of the area’s top shooters. Finishing in third place was Lance Espinosa of Skandia. Finishing only four seconds ahead of Espinosa was Peter Murphy of Kingsford.
Earning his second trophy for the day by ten seconds was Jay Loman. In the 2012 tournament Loman earned top honors in the youth division. Upon doing so, he moved to the next division up for 2013. In his first time competing in B division he took home first, earning him a spot in the Master class for future competitons. “I think Jay Loman is finally in the division that he belongs,” stated an event coordinator.
In the Master class Bullseyes instructor, Jon Niggeling of Iron Mountain, finished one third less than two seconds ahead of Steve Brunner of Iron Mountain. Jeff Stroud also doubled up on trophies with his second place finish in the Master class, seventeen seconds ahead of Niggeling. Twelve seconds faster than Stroud was Tony Erickson of Kingsford. This is Erickson’s second year in a row earning first place in the Master class.
There were also two side events. In the “sniper walk off” shooters start at 30 yards and must engage a nine inch disk. As shooters hit the mark they move back, as they miss they are eliminated. The last shooter left at 70 yards was local shooter Joe Kawell. The other event was a man vs. man event known as the dueling tree: as seen on the show Top Shot.
With one shooter on the right and the other shooter on the left: the goal is to move all your targets to the other shooters side as he is trying to do the same. After fierce competition it was Lance Espinosa eliminating Adam Skidmore in the final round.
The Sagola Township Sportsmen’s Club hosts pistol shoots monthly throughout the summer months. For more information about the club or the many other events that are held throughout the year, go to www.stsportsmen.com.