July 31, 2014

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IR Township OKs hall renovations PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nikki Mitchell   
Tuesday, June 18, 2013 11:56 AM

IRON RIVER TOWNSHIP—At its June 11 public hearing, the Iron River Township Board discussed options for Township Hall renovations.
According to Supervisor Scott Tarsi, the loan-grant for the water project requires the hall to be handicap-accessible. It is not at this time.
The township presented four options to the public, ranging from basic renovation of just the upstairs floor for all business use to building a new hall.
Based on public comment, citizens favored the option that only renovates the upstairs to make offices and restrooms more accessible. This means that all hall rentals for parties would be only be for upstairs. The lower level would not be used.
A final decision on the hall renovation was made at the June 11 regular meeting, when the board voted to move ahead with the renovations with some modifications.
The township was also updated on the Rural Development water project by Jeff Bal, project manager for GEI Consultants.
According to Bal, the project is 56 percent completed and paid for. Progress is being made on the main line, meter pits are being installed, and Hebert Construction has started cleaning up the yards.
A motion was made and carried for the township to pay Hebert Construction Company $316,392, along with $19,355 for a plumbing permit and $26,442 to GEI Consultants.
One resident said that since the project was completed near their property, their water pressure has gone way down, making it difficult to run a shop, a home and water the horses.
Tarsi said to put a two-inch meter onto his property to fix the problem, since a two-inch meter had been replaced with a one-inch meter during the project. The city already owns a two-inch meter that can be installed at the property.
Also discussed was the sewer availability ordinance. The township voted to eliminate a section of the ordinance that requires vacant landowners to pay for sewer service because of its availability on the property. By eliminating this part of the ordinance, only those who are actually using the sewer would pay.
Once eliminated from the ordinance, landowners with no structure on their properties who had paid the monthly bill would be reimbursed. It would also eliminate the billing of vacant landowners who have not paid.
A motion was made to revise the ordinance, with the water charge being based on volume instead of availability. The revised ordinance will be placed on next month’s agenda for consideration.
Also, motions were approved to:
--Purchase an ad in the Iron County Fair premium book for $58.52.
--Support the U.P. Rodeo with $300.
--Sign the principles of governance and create a formal posting in the hall.


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