August 21, 2014

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Indoor action is all there is PDF Print E-mail
Written by Peter Nocerini   
Tuesday, April 16, 2013 1:00 PM

IRON COUNTY—No matter how white the landscape looks, no matter how much snow we shoveled and plowed last week, no matter what may happen this week, both West Iron and Forest Park track teams will get to take part in meets this week.
It will all be indoors, of course. With nearly a foot of snow still blanketing the area, that’s the only kind of sports action you can expect for at least a while.
West Iron had been scheduled for an outdoor meet at Lakeland Union High School in the Minocqua-Woodruff area on Tuesday, April 16. The lakes country of northern Wisconsin has been as hard-hit by snow as we are.
But Lakeland High School also has an indoor fieldhouse, so school officials have moved the meet inside. This will be West Iron’s second indoor meet—the first was March 26 at Northland Pines.
After that, everything on the WIC schedule is outdoors and very tentative. The next meets are at Norway (April 18), Niagara (April 25) and the Copper Country Invitational at Hancock (April 30). Late last week, WIC Athletic Director Mike Berutti said nothing had been canceled yet.
“It doesn’t look promising,” he continued. “If we were going to get some 50-degree weather, I’d say maybe. But I don’t see any warm weather coming.” This week’s weather forecast doesn’t predict anything warmer than the mid 40s, along with a potential storm at midweek.
Forest Park gets to start its season Thursday, April 18, at the Superior Dome in Marquette—unless another storm makes travel too difficult.
After that, the Trojans will also have to cool their heels. They are scheduled for meets at Florence (April 22), Niagara (April 25) and North Dickinson (April 30).
“Florence e-mailed everybody and said it doesn’t look good,” Trojans AD Dwaine Anderson said late last week. That one could be rescheduled. Niagara has a rain date—but it’s the very next day. “It’s going to take a miracle, I think. They could do some events, but those field events …”
All U.P. track teams are facing very compressed, chaotic schedules. The regional tournaments are scheduled on May 16, the conference meets are one week later, and the U.P. Finals take place June 1. That’s just six weeks away.
If the track athletes and coaches are stewing in frustration, imagine how the golfers feel. Even after all the snow melts, the fairways and greens will be super soft/waterlogged for some time—until the AWOL sun finally shows up for work.
The main spring sport for the western U.P. in 2013 seems to be: waiting. Not too happily, either.


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