August 23, 2014

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Results in for Hillclimb and Uphill Drags PDF Print E-mail
Written by Janet Rohde   
Tuesday, February 26, 2013 3:09 PM

CASPIAN—After two days of snowmobile racing in Caspian, Feb. 16-17, the results are in.
For the Hillclimb, “Bull”/Axle Auto Parts MACH at Caspian the title of Northland Collision Pro Stock King of the Hill went to Jordan Stank, Stoughton, Wis., Polaris, 19.12. The Station Pro Mod King of the Hill winner was Wyler Miller, Pelkie, Ski-Doo, 22.68.
Pat’s Motorsports Junior King of the Hill was taken by Luke Maher, Hastings, Minn., Polaris, High Mark. The Pat’s Motorsports 120 CC King of the Hill went to Cole Fraki, Atlantic Mine,; High Mark.
Winners of the races were:
Northland Service Pro Stock 600: 1)  Dave Fasnacht, Madison Lake, MN, Polaris, 20.04; 2) Jason Kleinschmidt, Merrill, Wis., Yamaha, 28.38;  3) Kyle Wadaga, Baraga; Polaris, High Mark
WIKB “The Bull” Pro Stock 700:  1) Kyle Wadaga, Polaris, 19.55; 2) Layne Stank, Menomonee, Polaris, 21.97; 3) Jason Kleinschmidt, Yamaha, 22.12.
Lindwall Motors Pro Stock 800:  Jordan Stank, Polaris, 20.01; (1st Rd); 2) Shay Thompson, Gwinn, Polaris, 21.02; 3) Jordan Stank, Polaris, 23.26 (2nd Rd).
Iron County Reporter Pro Open Stock:  1) Jordan Stank, Polaris, 18.07; 2) Shay Thompson, Polaris, 19.53 (2nd Rd);  3) Shay Thompson, Polaris, 20.79 (1st Rd)
The Bull Pro Mod 600:  1) Wyler Miller, Pelkie, Ski-Doo, 19.42; 2) Kyle Wadaga, Polaris, 20.05; 3) Dan Wadaga, Baraga, Polaris, 21.33.
Axle Auto Parts Pro Mod 700:  1) Kory Fasnacht, Madison Lake, Minn., Polaris, 18.77; 2) Travis Kaurala, Pelkie, Ski-Doo, 19.97;  3) Layne Stank, Polaris, 22.16.
First National Bank and Trust of Iron River Pro Mod 800:  1)  Kory Fasnacht, Polaris, 19.23;  2) Jordan Stank, Polaris, 19.76;  3)  Travis Kaurala, Pelkie, Ski-Doo, 21.69.
Iron County Reporter Pro Open Mod: (Tie-Breaker for 1st, as Travis Kaurala and Kory Fasnacht both had 20.02 second qualifying runs) 1)  Travis Kaurala, Ski-Doo, 20.63;  2)  Kory Fasnacht, Polaris, High Mark;  3) Jordan Stank, Polaris, 20.34
During the first ever Uphill Snow Drags, Goldbach Racing dominated in Top Gun Feature.
If your professional snowmobile racing team is going to have a successful weekend, the best place to do it is in your backyard. This is what the Iron River-based Goldbach Racing Team did at the first Krist Oil/Citgo Uphill Drag Races at the Caspian Ski Hill.
The three drivers to advance to the Wild Rivers Realty Top Gun Feature are all a part of Goldbach Racing. Winning the coveted Top Gun Feature was Iron River’s Chris Nordang. He defeated Louie Goldbach and Jim Storti by less than two feet on the 400 foot drag strip.
It was the Iron Range Trail Club that prepared the three racing lanes for the races.
Krist Oil/Citgo Uphill Drags at Caspian Results are:
Wild Rivers Realty Top Gun: 1)  Chris Nordang, Iron River, Ski-Doo; 2) Louie Goldbach, Iron River, Ski-Doo; 3) Jim Storti, Iron River, Ski-Doo.
Krist Oil/Citgo Pro Open Mod: 1) Louie Goldbach, Ski-Doo; 2) Chris Nordang, Ski-Doo; 3) Jerry Buschell, Lake Linden, Ski-Doo.
Lindwall Motors Pro Mod 800:  1) Chris Nordang, Ski-Doo; 2) Louie Goldbach, Ski-Doo; 3) Jerry Buschell, Ski-Doo.
Rockin Eagle Pro Mod 700: 1) Jerry Buschell, Ski-Doo; 2) Derek Peterson, Atlantic, Polaris;  3) Tom Hodges, Lake Linden, Ski-Doo.
Eagle Country Pro Mod 600: 1) Tom Hodges, Lake Linden, Ski-Doo; 2) Jim Johnson, Skanee, Polaris; (No run for 3rd) Brady Phillips, Mankato, Minn. Polaris and Derek Peterson, Polaris.
Nicolet Signs Pro Mod 500: 1) Matt LaCosse, Champion, Ski-Doo; 2) Chaz Forcia, L’Anse, Polaris.
Angeli Foods Pro Open Stock: 1) Derek Peterson, Polaris; 2) Kory Fasnacht, Madison Lake, Minn., Polaris; 3)  Jim Butler, Babbitt, Minn., Arctic Cat.
Bigari Ace Hardware Pro Stock 800: 1) Derek Peterson, Polaris;  2) Dave Vesel, Ely, Minn., Arctic Cat;  (No run for 3rd)  Jim Butler, Babbitt, Minn., Arctic Cat; Brady Phillips, Polaris
Forslund Building Supply Pro Stock 700: 1) Dave Fasnacht, Madison Lake, Minn., Polaris; 2) Jim Johnson, Skanee, Polaris; 3) Derek Peterson, Polaris.
Pat’s Motorsports Pro Stock 600: 1) Derek Peterson, Polaris; 2) Dave Fasnacht, Polaris; 3) Jim Johnson, Polaris.
Pat’s Motorsports 120cc (ALL Champions): Carter LaCosse, Champion, Polaris; Nathan LaCosse, Champion, Polaris:  Austin LaCosse, Champion, Ski-Doo:
Pat’s Motorsports Kitty Cat Champion:  Deslin Klobutcher, L’Anse, Arctic Cat.
On Saturday, March 2, the Chippewas Sno-Kats will be co-hosting the Mid America Snow and Terrain Expert Racers, professionally-sanctioned snowmobile drag racing at the Iron County Airport. Hot runs will begin at 9 a.m., with racing to begin at 10.