July 26, 2014

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Readers Viewpoint 10-17-2012
Tuesday, October 16, 2012 1:59 PM

After school program ends
To the Editor,
The Crystal Falls Contemporary Center deeply regrets that we are no longer able to continue the After School Youth Program as it was originally intended.
The center is currently reviewing possible youth programming options.  The state of Michigan licensing agency is currently reviewing the program. 
An anonymous complaint was filed online stating that it was the belief of the person filing the complaint, that the center needed to obtain a daycare license to operate its after school program.

Last Updated on Tuesday, October 23, 2012 2:02 PM


0 #1 2012-11-09 20:05
It's to bad, people hurt children, when thinking only of themselves. Hurt the children, more then the center. There's people who don't have money to pay babysitters, after school. Thi was a nice place for them to go.

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