July 24, 2014

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Intensity worries FP v’ball coach PDF Print E-mail
Written by Peter Nocerini   
Tuesday, October 02, 2012 5:43 PM

Forest Park’s Maria Stankewicz runs off the court to keep  a deflected West Iron shot in play during the teams’ match Sept. 25.
IRON RIVER—It may have been a 3-0 win over the cross-county rival, but Forest Park Coach Kim Bjork didn’t sound very pleased with her team’s win over West Iron Sept. 25.
 She was happy her team won, of course—the scores were 25-14, 25-17, 26-24—but she didn’t care for how her team played or that West Iron was coming on strong towards the end.

 A win’s a win, and the Lady Trojans earned another 3-0 sweep Sept. 27 at Carney-Nadeau. The scores were 25-16, 25-11, 25-15. The team’s record goes to 20-3-3 overall and 7-0 in Skyline Conference play.
 Details about the West Iron match are in the Wykons’ story.
 In short: Forest Park got off to a fast start in the first set and outdistanced the Wykons in set two.
 Late stumble: But in the third set, West Iron led much of the match, broke a long defensive stalemate and got within one point of forcing a fourth set. But a WIC miscue gave the serve to Abby Sommers, who served in five straight points to pull out the win.
 “They [the Wykons] covered the floor well—give that to them,” said the Trojans’ coach. “They picked up a lot of our hits. They did a nice job doing that.
 “West Iron’s improved since we played them last—I’ll say that. They’re getting better and cover the floor. They have some decent hitters.”
 Ups and Downs­­: It also had to do with a lack of intensity from her team, something Bjork has complained about before.
 “We had poor passing,” she said. “Free ball comes over the net, we couldn’t even pass it to our setter, and our setter is running off the net, trying to set. Easy opportunities like that, we didn’t take advantage of.”
 She also noted that the girls weren’t communicating on the floor and didn’t play aggressively. “Aside from Lexi,” she added. “She’s always hitting strong and she really helps the team out.”
 “We had little streaks of scoring,” Bjork said. “But we were slow. We weren’t covering the floor the way we are capable of.
 “We didn’t play well—at all. Not happy with our performance today.”
 FP also had service errors, but Bjork wasn’t bothered by that. “That’s OK. As long as we are serving aggressively right now—that’s what our goal is.
 “We just go up and down. Kind of a roller coaster ride this year. We’re winning, but there’s no consistency right now.”
 Numbers: Lexi Gussert, 20 kills, 12 digs, 1 block; Sam Nylund, 2k, 2d; Gina Graff, 15 d; 2 aces; Maria Stankewicz, 11 d, 21 assists; 2 k, 2 aces; Abby Sommers, 11 d; Mindy DeNell, 17 d; Kendra Campbell, 7d.
 At Carney: The Trojans swept Carney in a match that Bjork called “slow-paced.”
 “Everyone saw action on the court,” she added. “Our serving was more consistent.”
 Numbers: Gussert, 16 k, 5 d, 2 asts, 3 aces; Nylund, 3 k, 3 d; Graff, 18 d; Stankewicz, 5 d, 21 asts DeMuri, 3 k, 4 d; DeNell, 6 d, 3 asts, 2 aces. Steiro, 2 k, 2 aces; Campbell, 3 digs; Melina Doering, Libby Hansen, both 2 digs.
 Coming up: The Lady Trojans visited Mid Peninsula Oct. 1 and will host North Dickinson Oct. 2. Then they prepare for an Oct. 8 home match with North Central.
 The Trojan JVs take part in the West Iron tourney Oct. 6.


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