August 27, 2014

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Chicaugon Lake permit project updated PDF Print E-mail
Written by Allyce Westphal   
Tuesday, April 10, 2012 1:00 PM

STAMBAUGH TOWNSHIP—With the start of the fishing season approaching, Stambaugh Township Board of Trustees were updated on the permit process initiated by the Chicaugon Lake Association by Steve Polich, association member.
 Polich had samples of the designated permit stickers, explaining how the process would work for all watercraft on the lake.
 On set of stickers, which were color-coded, would be designated for annual permits for either small watercraft or larger craft.
 There were also color-coded three-year permit tags for small or large water crafts.

 These permit tags would be in two sections, the smaller section to be used on the boat trailer and the larger one on the water craft.
 The daily use permits, said Polich, will have three sections.
 The first part would be placed on the watercraft, the second on the vehicle and the back section would be the envelope with instructions for the permit fee.
 Permits, he said, would be individually numbered.
 The association, said Polich, has made arrangements for the permits to be sold at four locations: Luckey’s Bait Shop, the Chamber of Commerce, the Chicaugon Motel and at the Pentoga Park concession area.
 In addition, two volunteers, Shelly Losey and Joe Shubat, will be selling permits to the riparian owners, he said.
 Daily permits will be placed at the two boat landings in Stambaugh Township and at Bates Township in a lock box, said Polich.
 There will also be a sign about the ordinance and literature on invasive species.
 He said the lake association is advancing the funds to cover the cost of printing with hopes that everything will be set up and going by May 15.
 About four years ago, said Polich, Chicaugon Lake had about five acres of documented milfoil.
 The association, he said, effective treated three acres, eliminating the milfoil.
 Now the lake has 20 documented areas of milfoil.
 Adding to the milfoil problems at the lake, he said, is a new threat, the zebra mussel, which “clarifies” the lake water, allowing the milfoil to descend to greater depths.
 “We can do something about the milfoil, but there is no known treatment for zebra mussels,” said Polich.
 He said the association plans to do three years of intensive treatment on the lake, then do less treatment after that on a year to year basis.
 “You never eradicate it, you control it, ” said Polich.
 Although Crystal Falls Township and Mastodon Townships did not adopt the Chicaugon Lake ordinance, said Polich, 90 percent of the lake is located in Stambaugh Township and Bates Township, and those using the lake would be going into these two townships.
 As for enforcement, Polich said the association had been in contact with the Sheriff’s Department to assist, but was told that it only had a limited time available for summer patrols, and because it was a township ordinance, it didn’t think it could assist.
 “But this is no different than a zoning ordinance,” said Polich.
 “I think the two townships will have to get together for enforcement,” said Township Trustee George Brunswick.
 County Board Chair Wayne Wales reminded everyone that the county is not involved in this project, but added that the county is re-looking at the boat wash project.
 However, he said, the allocations from a timber sale for the boat wash project is now down to $11,000.
 The county will be setting up a meeting with Pat Hingos, Pentoga Park manger, and with the lake association, along with the Sheriff’s Department and the prosecutor to review options.
 “We are working on this, but it’s in the very early stages,” said Wales.
 “First, we have to get all the information and the costs.”
 In other business, the Township Board:
 --adopted its 2012-2013 budget of $721,272, which includes $230,000, water fund; $425,145, general fund; $23,41, sewer fund; $2,326, liquor law enforcement and $40,320, road fund;
 --adopted the memorandum of understanding with the County Board regarding the bike trail project;
 --rescheduled its July meeting from Wednesday, July 4, to Monday, July 90, at 7 p.m.


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