August 27, 2014

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Written by Janet Rohde   
Tuesday, April 03, 2012 1:20 PM

Pistol and Personal Protection instructors attending the recent training are, back row, from left, are Sandra Nies (Iron River), Michael Nies (Iron River), Nick Kasbohm (Carney), Gregory Howell (Green Bay, WI), Charles Larsen (Rapid River); middle row, from left, Kathy Sheehy (Iron River), Richard Louys (Kingsford), Timothy Somers (Rhinelander, WI), Steven Jacobus (Rudyard), Steve Charles (Brimley) and front row, from left, Tyler Howell (Green Bay), NRA training counselors Kyle Kujala-Korpela and Tony Erickson (Kingsford). Not Pictured are Patrick Carlotto (Crystal Falls), Jim Gardner (Iron Mountain), Peter Murphy (Kingsford), Randall Perron (Escanaba), Steve Rhoades (L’Anse) and Gary Smith (Aurora). (Bulleyes to Badguys photo)

IRON MOUNTAIN—On the weekend of March 16-18, Bullseyes to Badguys held training for Pistol and Personal Protection instructors in the Iron Mountain area.
 The classroom portion was held at Forward Financial Credit Union while the range (or live fire) component of the training was held at the Sagola Township Sportsmen’s Club.

 Instructor candidates came from across the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Northern Wisconsin. 
 The weekend consisted of 26 hours of training. Instructor candidates were introduced to the National Rifle Association’s policies and procedures dealing with how to conduct an NRA approved class.
 Once each instructor was familiar with the NRA instructional methods and format of training material they were further instructed on how to conduct the NRA Basic Pistol and Personal Protection in the Home courses. 
 “Being a National Rifle Association instructor is an honor. Being allowed to properly introduce new shooters to the sport that I love is a great privilege,” SAID Senior NRA Training Counselor Tony Erickson of Bullseyes to Badguys.
 The NRA Basic courses are the National Standard for training and in most states it is the Standard for obtaining a concealed pistol license (CPL).
 Erickson had this to say about quality instructors: “Making sure that all NRA instructors are teaching at the highest level and to the national standard is not a task we take lightly. Simply put, I will not pass anyone whose classes I would not take myself.”
 Instructors were tested throughout the weekend in three major areas: knowledge, skills and attitude.
 The instructors’ knowledge was tested by their ability to demonstrate and explain various firearms and their safe uses.
 Instructors were also required to pass three written exams with a 90 percent or better score in order to pass this course.
 An instructor’s skills are tested in two ways. First, by the way an instructor teaches in the classroom environment. The instructor needed to be clear and understood by his/her perspective students.
 Secondly, the instructor needed to be able to shoot.
 “You cannot teach what you do not know or cannot demonstrate,” said NRA Training Counselor Kyle Kujala-Korpela.
 Finally, an instructor’s attitude is the most important factor in making the determination to passing an instructor.  Should the instructor not have a favorable attitude toward firearms safety they would not pass this course.
 At the end of the weekend, 17 candidates were certified as NRA Basic Pistol instructors and 15 of them were also certified as NRA Personal Protection in the Home instructors.
 Personal Protection in the Home is currently the required course for a Michigan concealed pistol license (CPL). Each one was also given the material to become certified as NRA Range Safety Officers.
 Bullseyes to Badguys holds concealed pistol license courses in the local area on a monthly basis. Bullseyes will be holding another instructor training session in September.
 For more information on CPL courses, call Tony Erickson at (906) 396-1119.
 For more information on the upcoming instructor training in September, call Kyle Kujala-Korpela at (906) 828-9188.