August 27, 2014

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CJB Quilters set plans for Quilt Day program PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, March 13, 2012 3:32 PM

Carrie Jacobs-Bond Quilters have made and donate many quilts for special events including these quilts for the Ronald McDonald House in Marshfield, Wis. Pictured are Sandra Zygarlicke, left, house director, and Karen Ivens of the CJB Quilters. (Ivens photo)

IRON RIVER—March 17 is National Quilt Day to promote and preserve quilting as a hobby, necessity or profession.
 It will be celebrated again here by the Carrie Jacobs-Bond Quilters and visitors meeting Tuesday, March 13, at 9 a.m. at the Windsor Center, Room 208.

 The club will have “show and tell,” conduct business, share a potluck lunch and hold a white elephant sale. Drop-ins are welcome until 3 p.m.
 The main floor elevator, which is located near the rear door and parking lot on Cayuga Street, will give access to the second floor of the Windsor Center, the former school building on U.S. 2.
 Originating in 1985 in the basement of the Iron County Museum’s Carrie Jacobs-Bond house in Caspian, 33 potential quilters joined to form the Carrie Jacobs-Bond Composing Threaders, now the Carrie Jacobs-Bond Quilters Inc.
 Members have since met and sewed at seven different sites, toting their machines before establishing their home at the Windsor Center in March 2010.
 It’s here the group has held youth and adult quilt classes and it’s here they’ve produced dozen of projects, leaving their machines in place.
 History and photos reveal members have made raffle quilts for the club, the Iron County Museum, Fair Board, Northwoods Animal Shelter, West Iron District Library and the Iron County Medical Care Facility.
 The quilters participated, “but failed in the Pepsi Refresh online contest to earn funds,” said a spokesperson.
 “Though unsuccessful, the publicity garnered distant donations of cash and fabric to support the continuous charity interests, especially Quilts of Valor for returning veterans at Iron Mountain VAMC,” said the spokesperson.
 “Quilts have also gone to Ronald McDonald House, Downey’s and Linus Projects for children, neo-natal isolates, Iron County Dialysis Unit, tornado, fire and disaster victims, social services. Other donations include quilts, pillows, hats for chemo patients and animal shelter kennel pads.”
 The group supports Project Graduation, Locker Lunches and the Iron County Museum’s Christmas Galleria, annually bedecking a tree with 200 mittens, hats and scarves for local distribution.
 The club also assembles a Galleria raffle basket of quilt supplies and fabric. They contribute to the museum’s summer events and manage the Bond House quilt room.
 West Iron District Library displays two ever-changing club quilts.
 The CJB Quilters Inc., a non-profit Iron County Chamber member, invites the public to visit its Windsor location after 9 a.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays, weather permitting.
 Sewing Thursday begins at 5:30 p.m. with optional classes and demonstrations on the long-arm quilting machine.
 The group has 34 members, four who began the Quilters and three who are seasonal.
 They will be vending their wares, baked goods and quilted items at the Windsor Center Spring Craft show March 31.
 Quilters can be directed to Chair Jill MacPherson at 265-5589 or email: